When you let go of the wrong lessons you’ve picked up throughout your life, you’ll find new possibilities

Six years ago, product designer Andrei Herasimchuk wrote of an earlier time when he learned the wrong lesson during his career at Adobe. Early into his career as a designer, he had built a prototype over the weekend and a few days into his workweek. One of the product managers…


For businesses who want to communicate thoughtfulness, accuracy, and depth, print is alive and well

While far from a successful case study, I’ll never forget stumbling across multiple copies of Airbnb’s discontinued Pineapple travel magazine in the back corner of Bouwerie Iconic Magazines in New York City. Of course, I recalled the powerful first impression Pineapple’s stories, layouts, and photography made on me — a…


To build a strong brand, think more like a media property and less like a content marketing operation

The best “content marketing” — if you can call it that — looks like Yeezy, Pokémon, and Goop. In other words, it’s a core part of the business and product, and it’s not at all what most conventional content marketing looks like today.

For example, Yeezy might not have a…

Invest as much time, care, and capital into writing and editing as you would in other components of your product

A wireframe of Apple’s website by Paul Armstrong (via web.without.words)

In 2008, designer Paul Armstrong launched web.without.words, a project where he eliminated words and turned popular websites into wireframes. For example, he covered what Apple’s website would look like without words, which frankly doesn’t look all too dissimilar from what one of its product pages looks like today.

Armstrong wanted…

It’s not about deluding yourself, but rather finding a better starting point

In the 1980s, educator Jaime Escalante taught calculus at one of the worst schools in East LA, with a dropout rate as high as 55%. Escalante and his calculus class turned the reputation of the school around, with a high percentage of his students passing the AP calculus exam.


Herbert Lui

Covering creative careers and expectations (psychology). Author, “Creative Doing” (Holloway, 2021) https://www.holloway.com/cd Editorial director, WorkOS

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