To build a strong brand, think more like a media property and less like a content marketing operation

The best “content marketing” — if you can call it that — looks like Yeezy, Pokémon, and Goop. In other words, it’s a core part of the business and product, and it’s not at all what most conventional content marketing looks like today.

For example, Yeezy might not have a…

Invest as much time, care, and capital into writing and editing as you would in other components of your product

In 2008, designer Paul Armstrong launched web.without.words, a project where he eliminated words and turned popular websites into wireframes. For example, he covered what Apple’s website would look like without words, which frankly doesn’t look all too dissimilar from what one of its product pages looks like today.

Armstrong wanted…

It’s not about deluding yourself, but rather finding a better starting point

In the 1980s, educator Jaime Escalante taught calculus at one of the worst schools in East LA, with a dropout rate as high as 55%. Escalante and his calculus class turned the reputation of the school around, with a high percentage of his students passing the AP calculus exam.


Read this if you’ve ever told yourself you don’t have enough time to write

Every day, you and I write. We write emails, text messages, letters, birthday cards, and search queries. This is a practical guide on how to write faster, because we spend so much time writing. This isn’t about touch-typing faster or handwriting faster, but the process of getting what you’re thinking…

Warm your brain up by typing out other people’s words

I often write in very broken chunks of time: during the 20 minutes between meetings, with hard deadlines, or late at night (not by choice). In these moments, there’s a lot stacked against me: distraction, despair, and time pressure—it hardly looks like the author Neal Stephenson’s “four quiet hours.”


When I was leaving high school, I knew why I was going to college: I wanted to get a good job. In spite of Kanye West’s The College Dropout, it was an assumption consistent with the one my parents had. Their generation either worked with a college degree, or without…

Herbert Lui

Covering creative careers and expectations (psychology). Author, “Creative Doing” (Holloway, 2021) Editorial director, WorkOS

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