Don’t compete with ChatGPT at its own game: Go way beyond the basics

Whatever someone is asking you, they’re asking ChatGPT first

Herbert Lui
2 min readMay 15, 2023


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A good friend of mine was waiting for a branding plan from an agency. A few days before the agency was sending it over, and presumably presenting it, he prompted ChatGPT: “What does a good branding plan look like?”

If the marketing agency came up with the same plan, he figured he probably wouldn’t need to do much work with them anymore.

At best, the agency could focus on implementation (since the planning and strategy could be replicated by ChatGPT). At worst, he and his team would find a different agency entirely altogether. One that presumably could do a better job than ChatGPT.

This is pretty much what’s going to happen with every project that ChatGPT can take over.

Your boss/client/reader is going to ask ChatGPT first.

If you’re working as service provider (e.g., an independent consultant, freelance writer, or in-house manager) you’ve got a few options:

  • Safe/Mediocre: Elaborate on ChatGPT’s response if you agree with it, with much higher fidelity and tailoring to the person/company you’re working for. Analogy: You’re now making tailored suits, not competing with bargain



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