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Best of Books

How to Find Time to Draw, Write, and Create Every Day

Image: Still Life With A Gilt Bronze Mantle Clock And Sèvres Porcelain Vase by François-Léonard Dupont/Artvee

Man Reading By Candlelight by Rembrandt Peale/Artvee

A polarizing tweet led me to examine the best ways to advance your professional life without obliterating your actual life

Image: Emmanuel Ikwuegbu/Unsplash

A Summary of Unplanned Work in The Phoenix Project

Image: Primordial Chaos, №16, The WU-ROSEN Series by Hilma af Klint/Artvee

Why one-day projects might be your most valuable tool

Image: The Painter’s Studio by Adriaen van Ostade/Artvee

How to write with technology without losing your voice

Image: The Writing Lesson (1855) by James Collinson/Artvee

Best of Books

A Summary of Slack by Tom DeMarco

Image: rainbow slinky by Clare Black/Flickr

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos on the balance between thinking and doing

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Herbert Lui

I write about personal and collective growth. Author ‘There Is No Right Way to Do This’

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